1. What does "ZOMG" mean?

The origins of the phrase ZOMG go all the way back to the Ancient Greeks.

The Ancient Greek letter Ω or "omega", was the 24th and final letter of the Greek alphabet. In addition to its usage in writing and as a numeral, it also had passed into colloquial speech as an interjection of shock and amazement. Omega meant,"the end", and thus was proclaimed either when something was deemed so great as to be ultimate, or when something was so shocking that it was wished or hope to be final. These two uses were respectively similar to those of our modern "Incredible!" and "Enough!". Its use can be traced back to at least 431 BC when Thucydides, in his History of The Peloponnesian War wrote, quoting from Pericles' eulogy of fallen Athenians in the war, "Omega! Surely, to a man of spirit, the degradation of cowardice must be immeasurably more grievous than the unfelt death which strikes him in the midst of his strength and patriotism!". This is just one of many real examples from ancient times.

After the fall of Greece the term fell into disuse, and did not regain visibility until the Renaissance period in Europe. With the renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman history and art, "Omega!" experienced a resurgence.

In the 1970s, several overeducated ARPANET users, thinking themselves clever, started again attemped to bring back the usage of the exclamation, "OMEGA!", and they were succesful to some degree. However on October 17, 1975 a user at UCLA made the typo, "OMG! My new Altair is sweeet!". Due partly to its highly amusing pronunciation, and partly due to the bandwidth it saved, it stuck, and omg soon surpassed the popularity of omega. Other users, in an attempt to lightheartedly mock this fellow, picked up the use of "OMG!" and spread to various networks, BBSs, and ultimately the Internet.

Eventually, an underground group of internet hackers, again thinking themselves rather clever, decided to add a "Z", the final letter of the modern Roman alphabet, to the "OMG!", as a sort of nod to it's origins. This was also intended to double upon the phrase's original meaning and increase the phrase's hyperbole; rather than simply being "Ω", the end, it now meant "ZΩ", the end of ends, or the ultimate of ultimates. It was only recently discovered via newly decrypted communications that this innovation went as far back as 1992, and it stayed mostly underground until the 2000s.

And so, this website, being the greatest of all, and actually obsoleting all other websites past, present, and future, was given "ZOMG" as part of it's title to describe its excellence.

1b. But the people who wrote "The ZOMG FAQ" say something different. Why is that?

They are clearly ignorant of the true origins of the word. For example they cite the popular (among gullible internet users) fake etymology of Omg meaning "Oh My God", which is of course simply an invented backronym, most likely inspired by the frequent all-capitalization of OMG. Thusly, they also fail to realize the symbolic significance of the appended letter Z. In addition, their Exhibit A for their invention of ZOMG is an admittedly fabricated instant message log. To be fair the true origins of ZOMG are not common knowledge and were quite an etymylogical oddyssey to track down, so they are certainly not to be blamed for some shortcomings in their quest for the truth, as half-assed as their efforts may have been.

2.Okay, what about "HOTT"?

HOTT is actually just like HOT (High Optical Temperature), except in that it has so much HOTTNESS that one "T" is not enough to contain it. This site, as is obvious to any sighted individual, is extremely HOTT.

3. So you're saying the name of this site was a wisely thought out and considered decison rather than some random internet text spastication on par with the appendation of numerals to exclamatory punctuation marks, as some ignorant visitors might naively assume?

Why yes exactly! I must say, you are as astute as you are lovely!

4. Wait, are you hitting on me?

err no. I mean, OF COURSE NOT!!800 (unless you want me to...)

5. Er, does FAQ stand for Frequently AWKWARD Questions?

Nope. (unless you want it to...)

6. So, uh, anyway, why are there no "back" or "home" links to return to the home page?

Your browser has a back button. Learn it. If you came here from another page, well that is your penalty for visiting other pages. SORRY SITE VISITOR. SORRY JAKOB NEILSEN.

7. Why is the color scheme of this site so um...

POWERFUL? IMPRESSIVE? Well in either case you must understand that a site of such excellent content will accept no less.